5.5" Jerk Bait-1 Cavity Mold
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5.5" Jerk Bait - 1 cavity injection Mold.  Molds listed below are sold seperately.

These baits have a longer and thinner forked tail that gives great action on the "twitch".  Larger baits are becoming good choices for Carolina rigging.

SKU# 55JB01-1   5.5" Jerk Bait-1 Cavity Mold-2 color Laminating Plate

SKU# 55JB01-2   5.5" Jerk Bait-1 Cavity Mold-3 color Laminating Plate

SKU# 55JB06-3   5.5" Jerk Bait TAIL-6 Cavity Mold


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5.5" Jerk Bait-1 Cavity Mold

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